• We are ETPTT

    “Meticulous. Precise. Picky. These represent the ethos of ETPTT. ETPTT is derived from "etepetete", an old north German expression for being ‘picky’ or ‘precise’ about things. We believe in doing things right, the first time. Nothing is more expensive than having to redo work. High quality work at an honest price; this is what ETPTT is all about.”

    Philipp Eschwe, CEO and founder, ETPTT

We love what you hate

We don’t just love what we do; we nerd out over it. ETPTT is your solution for the marketing services you just don’t want to do.

Our work is our pride

Our quality keeps us alive and growing, wich is why we dedicate all our efforts towards maintaining the highest standards.

Our Proudest work

We’re proud of every project we’ve ever done, including brand and logo design, brochures, event graphics, packaging design, and so much more.

Our customers are our fame

Our customers are our heartbeat. We have grown almost exclusively by word of mouth from satisfied customers and awesome partners. We know it’s about the real relationships between real people, not expensive suits and ridiculous bureaucracy.

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Faces of ETPTT

Quality and experience: has there ever been a better pair? Our teams are all senior and highly skilled graphic designers, ensuring top-quality consistency across the board.

“For us it’s critical to not only have top designers, but equally important to have great sparring partners for our customers to achieve the optimal result every time”. Philipp Eschwe, CEO and Founder of ETPTT

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