Join us

We are growing fast and always looking for people with an ETPTT attitude. Send us your application if you are a skilled and passionate graphic designer, media designer or image editor. We are looking for both fixed employees as well as freelancers for project-based work. 

image editing


  • hocus pocus skillz with pixels
  • knowledge for the relevant Adobe-Apps flows through your veins
  • Team player at the campfire

Try to open the gate to fairyland


laboratory assistant

  • the formulas for Adobe Indesign Skillz
  • Expertise in DTP matter
  • Test tubes laboratory team player

Be part of the print-lab



  • Champions Of Life
  • Hello, It’s Me – For a sales team that’s too optimistic for its own good
  • Me Again! – This sales team really needs to give up on some leads


Sale! WIN! Sale!