Founder and CEO

Phil Eschwe

  • Founded ETPTT Group in 2005.
  • Born and raised in Berlin, one of the few all-life Berliners you can find in Berlin.
  • Typography fanatic, current favorite: Fenotype No. Seven Regular (with fantastic glyphs).
  • Known in the office for being very ETPTT about details – no mistake will go unseen.
  • Loves: his daughter, the quiet before the storm, and his bike „The Red Carbon“.
Phil Eschwe

Good advertisement works like a one picture joke. Message and messenger have to be clear and move the viewer.


Patrick Biehle

  • Joined ETPTT Group in 2017 and co-founded ETPTT+.
  • Born in Lucerne and jetting between Zurich and Berlin.
  • Background in marketing and sales with various businesses including his own, from financial services to exclusive wine.
  • Loves: anything that has to do with sports – on TV and real life, the mountains, history, modern art and Swiss watches.
Patrick Biehle

There is only one boss in business: the customer.

Founder and COO

Martin Ueberschaer

  • Joined ETPTT Group in 2010 as co-founder.
  • Born and raised in Erlangen and moved to Berlin in 2005 where he met Phil.
  • Background as a professional photographer and an expert in every part of image editing.
  • Known in the office for being the good cop, always ready to give a helping hand.
  • Loves: delicious cooking, the ocean and his beard.
Martin Ueberschaer
Details create the big picture.

Senior Media Designer

Henning Wossidlo

  • Joined ETPTT Group in 2016.
  • He has worked for many publishers as a media designer and has extensive experience with producing books of every kind.
  • Versatile prepress pro and a master in the whole production process from layout to typography, final artwork and print. 
  • Loves: good books, the sun and electronic music. He is a fantastic DJ.
Henning Wossidlo

Prepress makes the difference between a mediocre and an outstanding marketing piece.

Senior Art Director

Martin Block

  • First joined ETPTT Group as a freelancer in 2016, before joining ETPTT Group full-time in 2017.
  • Background as an experienced graphic designer.
  • Great communicator and an absolute geek in Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator.
  • Always has a positive outlook on things, always highly motivated and has a contagious passion for what he does.
  • Loves: his three kids, all types of sports and everything that has to do with graphic design.
Martin Block

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW!

Senior Image Editor

Oliver Kuehn

  • Joined ETPTT Group in 2013.
  • Background as a media designer and a talented image editor with a hawk eye for the invisible detail. He always finds a way to make his images look even better.
  • Loves: all types of sports and good dinners with friends.
Oliver Kuehn

Perfect should never get in the way of better.

Media Designer

Christopher Wehnl

  • Joined ETPTT Group as an apprentice in 2015.
  • In 2018 he finished his studies and now works as a media designer at ETPTT Group.
  • He is an unbelievable linguist mastering the German language like no other.
  • Loves: ancient myths, graphic design, drawing and graffiti. He has an incredible talent and many of his pieces can be seen all around Berlin.
Christopher Wehnl

It's always just what you make of it!

Image Editor

Detlev Schmitz

  • Joined the ETPTT Group in 2016.
  • Background as a media designer and an image editing nerd.
  • Known as an extremely good hearted and honest person, who is not afraid to start a politics discussion.
  • Loves: his son, traveling through South East Asia, photography, and local politics.
Detlev Schmitz