School play, or globally-acclaimed feature film?

The atom is the building block of life, and layout is the building block of graphic design. It doesn’t matter how great of an illustrator or writer you might be; without awesome graphic design, your project will look more like a school poster than an official campaign.

So what’s layout exactly? It’s the arrangement and placement of elements on your page, and how these elements are put together to make the most of the overall image. Style, text, image, font, color: layout is this interesting mix of both a science and an art, with effort placed in both tried-and-tested techniques and new and innovative styles to make something that captures and converts.

Every element on the page has to work together, complementing each other to create that single cohesive and effective layout. Individual typefaces have their own tones and ideas; choosing your typeface should be a matter of purpose and intention, not personal preference.

Finally, a professional layout requires consistency and logic in its design, so that the same idea and vibe is presented throughout multiple pages. The elements involved in this process include line weights, colors, style of type, graphic motifs, repetition of concepts, and more.