Color Correction

The crucial yet tiny difference between 4AM and 5AM.

There are a lot of color problems that the untrained eye can’t really spot when it comes to images. But even if you can’t spot it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the way you view the image. 

These problems include exposure issues, white balance issues, excessive “noise” coming from unnecessary ISO settings, contrast issues from images recorded in LOG- or Flat-, using RAW recordings to develop the image, issues with black-, white-, and gamma points, and more.

When you do a round of color correction, this means every single shot needs the same obsessive attention to detail. 

After clearing these issues above, our professional colorists then start working on the actual color grade itself, with tasks such as taking out unnecessary elements and distractions by isolating or editing them, manipulating the colors in a way that they help focus the audience’s gaze on the intended point of interest, giving the image that professional and unique “pop” with stylized techniques, and more.