• Why we exist.


    Picky. Accurate. Precise. Whichever works best with you. Why do we exist? Let’s keep it simple: because you need us to. Like every successful company, we fill a void. We provide a need. We answer a call-to-arms, for a passion that drives us to swallow that cup of coffee every morning and rush to work.

    What exactly is that void, need, and call-to-arms? We call it The Discrepancy.

Our story

The Discrepancy

From top to bottom, ETPTT is made up of industry veterans. We’ve seen and done it all in the field of graphic design, and have an overwhelming ache to continue doing more. But 14 years ago we began to notice a discrepancy in the work that we did and the way it was delivered. 

Whereas graphic design is an art and creative endeavor to be honed and mastered, the experience of working with graphic designers was becoming more and more systematic and bureaucratic.

To us, this wasn’t a good thing.

This experience should be just as simple and painless for the client as the experience of enjoying the art we create. We noticed that the relationship between the designer and the client was becoming more bogged down with extensive paperwork, impersonal communication, and an excess of meaningless middlemen. This adds to the overall cost, artificially extends the timeline, and needlessly separates the client’s original vision from the designer’s final output.

Reimagining the Client-Designer Relationship

So we wondered: does it have to be this complicated? What would happen if we started an agency built on a foundation of honesty, timeliness, and personal connection? Was it possible to deliver a higher-quality product at a more affordable rate and over a shorter timeline, simply by cutting out the red tape?

In 2005, our founder and CEO Phil Eschwe decided to give it a shot. Phil started ETPTT with the intention to solve the issues of sluggish policies and questionable measures in the graphic design industry. With this philosophy as its foundation, ETPTT grew faster than we could’ve ever hoped, almost purely through references and word of mouth.

Now we serve over 40 clients in Germany and Switzerland, including 6 of the top 10 advertising agencies in Germany. Over the last 13 years, we’ve evolved, grown, and learned, from offering every marketing service under the sun to specializing in the one skill where we can proudly claim to be the absolute best: media production.

So why do we exist? Simple: Because you need us to exist.

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