Final artwork

Don’t trip before the finish line.

The final artwork is perhaps the most important stage of all. Think about it: you might have aced all your tests and passed all your homework throughout the school year, but if you don’t put 200% on the day of the final test, you might as well say goodbye to that scholarship. 

Final artwork is the final step between the design and creative team and the merciless printer. It involves the technical skills that ensures that the digital file will translate perfectly in accordance with the printer; everything from triple-checking the fonts, colors, resolution, file format, bleed and crop marks, and more.

Different editors, vendors, and printers sometimes have different requirements, which is why it’s absolutely essential that only experienced hands are on-deck when it comes to final artwork. Without that experience, you might end up spending way too much money on an end-product that looks nothing like you expected, just because someone on the production aisle made a rookie mistake.