Clipping & Masking

An image so perfect, even da Vinci might stop and stare.

Feel that your images are a little too… crowded? Noisy? Too much going on? With a professional clipping and masking job on your photos, you can easily distinguish your subject from its background, turning your audience’s attention where it needs to be. Clipping and image masking both work to this effect, but the techniques are vastly different.

Clipping uses a special pen tool that takes the background out of an image. If an image has smooth and sharp edges, you are almost certainly better off with clipping. And remember: this isn’t something you can do on your own. Only a professional’s hand can draw a clipping path that doesn’t look unnatural or fake.

Image masking does the same thing with a different process, and is often the go-to technique when dealing with complex images. If a subject has plenty of tiny details and sharp lines around it (such as hair, fur, or fuzz), image-masking techniques can help take out that background to focus on the content.